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[Webinar] Better Technology & Segmentation Improve Customer Engagement & Profitability

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 18, 2020

Increasing Customer Engagement and Profitability with Improved Segmentation Technology

MYMOVE™ reaches people planning to move to a new address with information about resources, deals, checklists, etc. that will make their moves easier. It maintains a comprehensive database of constantly updated information about every mover household in the U.S. However, the company’s technology, communication methodology (spray and pray), speed to market, and targeting capabilities had not been updated for over 20 years. As a result, the company started losing clients and profitability.

In comes Quad, a leader in integrated and creative marketing solutions, which developed a strategy that helped MYMOVE improve formats and personalization to increase consumer engagement and optimize its technology and processes.

In this episode of the CRMC Webinar Series hosted by The Wise Marketer, the conversation had was encouraging and optimistic for any brand, especially those that may have fallen into a trap of legacy systems and feel as though they can't catch up. What matters in a time like that is the right partner and in this case, MYMOVE could not have asked for a more perfect match than with Quad. Fill out the form below to hear their success story.

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Ken Pecca started his career in print working for Toppan Printing in Mountainside, NJ and was an apprentice Dot Etcher working on publications such as McCall’s, Sotheby’s, and Elle Magazine. It was here that Ken discovered a passion for print, color science, and ink on paper. After 15 years working in plants producing everything from business cards and commercial print, folding cartons to high-quality magazines, and working his way up to director of pre-press and production, Ken took a position at Hearst Magazines as manager of pre-media on the Quantum project. He quickly excelled helping to create some of the most innovative covers in publishing, while reducing $16M in production costs. Ken’s team later launched HPS (Hearst Production Services); this umbrella company was responsible for bringing smaller publications into their automated workflows while still supporting the Hearst portfolio of 22 brands. This highly successful venture led to a JV with Conde Nast to launch PubWorX.

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Doreen Daley brings 39 years of experience in the print and marketing industry to her work at Quad. She specializes in turning “the way we always did it” upside down to create effective strategies that change the game for our customers in a rapidly evolving industry. As increasing amounts of data and demand for personalization disrupt the industry, Doreen is focused on developing strong partnerships with clients. She helps them grow their business with innovative, impactful print, and marketing solutions.