Billions of coupons reveal consumers' priorities

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 1, 2015

Some 1.45 billion CPG coupons were redeemed in the US during the first half of 2014, according to industry reports. And data from personal grocery coupon finder LOZO has identified a huge growth in consumer demand for personalised offers.

Using first-party data captured from user behaviour, LOZO identified several key insights. First, the company found that digital coupons are outpacing newspapers for grocery savings, as NCH Marketing Services reported that digital offer distribution grew by 31%, significantly more than other formats. Meanwhile, found over 1,400 active digital coupons, more than ten times the number found in a typical FSI (free standing insert).

Consumers also warned that they are underserved with food coupons. NCH reported that 35% of coupons distributed were for food items. However, that's what consumers want: 80% of the items on LOZO users' lists are for food.

The most sought-after coupon category, perhaps not surprisingly, is Dairy. The top five LOZO searches were for milk, cheese, cereal, yoghurt and bread. The top brands searched for were Kraft and Tide.

When it comes to value, US$1-off coupons are most prevalent. LOZO tracked 40% of digital offers at that value, compared to NCH's reported average redemption of US$1.32. However, US$0.50 coupons had the highest percentage clip rate on LOZO.

Seasons were also found to influence coupon usage. Coupons for traditional BBQs and picnic items (such as Heinz, Coca Cola and Reddi Whip) all increased in popularity on LOZO during the summer months.

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