Bloomreach Unveils Expansive New SMS Marketing Updates, Including AI-Driven Features for the Fast Creation of More Impactful Campaigns

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Posted on April 17, 2023

New Feature for TCPA List Validation Also Supports Critical Compliance Efforts for SMS Marketing in the United States

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, April 13, 2023  –  Bloomreach, the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, today announced expansive updates to its Bloomreach Engagement SMS marketing capabilities. Through its ten new features, Bloomreach Engagement is making it even easier for marketers to integrate this cost-effective, high ROI channel into their omnichannel strategies. From AI content generation to optimal send time prediction, marketers will have access to all of the tools they need to reach their most engaged subscribers with powerful, personalized SMS campaigns. 

As marketers seek new ways to grow their audience and build deeper relationships with existing customers, SMS has become an essential part of omnichannel strategies. With an average click through rate (CTR) of 19%, it's not only an effective channel for engaging customers — it also drives high return on investment. Bloomreach Engagement’s new SMS features ensure marketing teams can take advantage of this high value channel, maximizing its impact while driving efficiency. 

Among its newest SMS features is one of the industry’s first AI models for predicting optimal send time. Marketers can use AI to personalize message send times down to the individual, rather than determining an aggregate send time for an entire audience. Another new feature offers AI content generation, allowing users to quickly generate content ideas or fine tune messaging. Bloomreach has also launched a critical compliance feature for SMS programs. The TCPA List Validation feature automatically removes reassigned or deactivated numbers from businesses’ send lists, in addition to checking for and removing numbers on state and national Do Not Call registries. This is particularly important for businesses marketing to any subscribers in the United States. 

“This extensive update to our SMS capabilities is a testament to just how important this channel is to marketers today — and how important it will remain moving forward,” said Anirban Bardalaye, Chief Product Officer, Bloomreach. “Bloomreach Engagement empowers businesses to build truly impactful omnichannel strategies, and now, they’ll have the highest confidence in the role SMS can play in those campaigns and the impact it will have on the bottom line.”

A full list of recently released Bloomreach Engagement SMS features includes:

  • AI-powered optimal send time: determine the best time to send SMS campaigns for every customer using an AI prediction model based on historical click data.
  • AI content generator: quickly generate SMS content ideas or fine tune messaging, keeping messages succinct with the inclusion of character count limits. 
  • TCPA List Validation: automatically remove reassigned or deactivated numbers, as well as those on state and national Do Not Call registries, from your SMS lists.  
  • SMS Campaigns and new visual builder: easily create, test, and preview SMS messages with a new campaign builder. 
  • Sign-up units: grow SMS lists quickly and compliantly with sign-up units that include the required TCPA consent language.
  • Text-to-join keywords: supercharge subscriber growth with “text to join” keywords that can be shared across all marketing channels, both online and offline, making it simple for customers to opt in to SMS content.
  • Campaign evaluation dashboard: monitor campaign performance in order to make real-time adjustments and ensure every campaign is optimized for maximum impact.
  • Pre-built templates: drive revenue quickly with pre-built, ready-to-launch templates for high-converting SMS campaigns.
  • Scenario node and visual builder: easily switch between SMS and MMS message types in scenarios. 
  • Contact card creator: make every message recognizable by ensuring SMS messages appear from a set contact name, as opposed to an unknown number. 

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