Boating supplier launches B2B loyalty programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 8, 2007

RewardStream's 'LifeCycle Marketing Platform' has been adopted by Port Supply, the wholesale division of West Marine Inc., a North American retailer of boating supplies and accessories to run a new business-to-business (B2B) 'Flagship Rebate' rewards programme.

The new B2B programme was designed to encourage sales growth from Port Supply's customers by rewarding them not only with rebates but also with various West Marine products for increasing their purchases over each previous years' spending level.

Automated processes
By implementing the LifeCycle Marketing Platform, West Marine says it will be able to automate many of its manual processes with little reliance upon its own internal IT resources, freeing up more time for the marketing team to focus on the programme's strategy and results.

According to Blair Whelan, CTO for RewardStream, the new programme includes a branded web-based participant portal that allows members to track their sales progress against reward thresholds, review their activity statements, and select personalised awards.

Personalised win-back
The system gives programme participants a range of redemption options such as credits on account, rebate cheques, and West Marine gift cards. Those who show decreased activity (according to the system's RFM indicators) will be automatically targeted with personalised promotions and communications to help increase their loyalty and spend levels.

"We are seeing a strong corporate mandate for B2B programmes to demonstrate lift in a much shorter timeframe than was historically required," said Peter Oxley, CEO for RewardStream. "West Marine can accomplish this business directive through automated decisioning and sophisticated reward logic."

RewardStream specialises in B2B loyalty and rewards-based marketing programmes that motivate channel partner behaviour in the financial services, retail, telecommunications, health care, IT, and manufacturing sectors.

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