Boots seeks points-issuing partners for Advantage Card

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 11, 2005

Boots seeks points-issuing partners for Advantage Card

Boots The Chemists is to seek potential partners to distribute Advantage Card points as part of its drive to broaden the appeal of the card and make it easier for customers to collect Boots Advantage points from their everyday shopping.

As part of the work to increase the ways in which consumers can earn Advantage points, the agency Goldwag, Empson and Otitoju (GEO) has been appointed to seek out potential partners who would then be able to issue Advantage points to their customers or employees, whether for loyalty rewards or staff motivation and incentive programmes.

Easy redemption These points, once issued by the partner companies, will then redeemable in Boots stores via the use of an Advantage Card. The programme currently allows Boots' customers to redeem the points they've earned for more than 55,000 different products in over 1,400 stores nationwide, at any time in any quantity.

"This is something we have experimented with in the past but on a very small scale" said Haydn Derry, head of loyalty for Boots. "We feel that with the growing success of the card, this is a product that has potential to be attractive to other companies as a reward for their customers or employees."

Latest member count The programme, established in 1997, rewards customers with 4 points for every complete £1 spent with Boots and now claims a total of 18 million cardholders, with 14 million having used their card during the past 12 months.

The programme differentiates itself by providing a free Health & Beauty magazine to cardholders, and by offering personalised, targeted in-store promotions through dedicated loyalty kiosks in-store. The programme is reported to have achieved an impressive 83% positive customer satisfaction score in recent tests.

No compromise While GEO has been given the task of finding potential partners, Boots has also made it clear that the principles of its popular loyalty programme will not be compromised. "We know people love collecting and redeeming points, we know that people like the uncomplicated nature of the transaction involved in cashing in their points, and we know that they trust us with their personal information, and we will not compromise on these," concluded Derry.

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