BP and LMS create drivers' CO2 reduction scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 31, 2006

BP and LMS create drivers' CO2 reduction scheme

Ecology conscious UK vehicle owners can now use a programme initiated by BP to reduce, replace and neutralise the carbon dioxide that their vehicles produce when driving.

Loyalty Management Services (LMS), a division of the Loyalty Management Group, has supplied the technology behind the launch of targetneutral, a programme initiated by BP and which allows drivers to effectively neutralise their CO2 emissions by making online payments to carbon dioxide reduction projects.

LMS worked with BP from the original concept to define the requirements and design for the targetneutral web site and then subsequently went on to develop, test and deliver the final solution, integrating novel functionality with creative design. Features include a carbon dioxide calculator, a database of users, a user reporting function and links to a fulfilment agency. LMS continues to provide full support for the web site including content updates, site promotion, data hosting and technical support. Further functions will be introduced in the near future.

Three simple steps The web site is geared toward consumers and encourages them to reduce, replace and neutralise the amount of CO2 produced when driving. While it educates consumers about reducing emissions, it also allows them to neutralise their emissions in three simple steps: to calculate the amount their vehicle emits in a year, then register as a targetneutral user and finally to make a payment that is invested in a project elsewhere in the world to reduce CO2 by an amount equivalent to what their car generates.

Consumers can register their Nectar cards, and for each purchase of fuel, BP will make a donation per litre to targetneutral.

According to Mark Brighton, Commercial Director of LMS: "This project presented LMS with the opportunity to work with BP on an important and innovative project. We are delighted with the result, but have a lot more ideas in terms of creative functionality and look forward to supporting the initiative through its next stage of growth."

LMS is a venture formed in January 2006 that leverages the assets and team behind Loyalty Management UK, the owner and operator of the Nectar loyalty programme.

For additional information: ·  Visit LMS at http://www.loyalty.co.uk ·  Visit targetneutral at http://www.targetneutral.com