BP to pilot Pump Rewards in the US

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 13, 2012

BP to pilot Pump Rewards in the US

In the US, BP is reported to be building on its customer loyalty strategy through its previously credit card-linked Pump Rewards programme, which was launched in the form of a 'BP Visa with Pump Rewards' card earlier this year.

The petroleum giant has announced several pilot programmes throughout the US, to be launched later this year. According to BP, customer enrolment in the programme is a simple process that does not impose any requirement for credit approval.

The new NP Rewards Card allows customers of more than 250 BP fuel forecourts throughout Milwaukee and Charlotte, NC to earn discounts on fuel by buying BP gasoline with 'Invigorate'.

Another similar programme was launched earlier this month at some 50 Kmart locations throughout Iowa and Minnesota, also based on the Pump Rewards platform, also allowing customers to earn US$0.10 off per gallon of BP fuel when they spend at least US$50 on grocery or pharmacy items at Kmart.

BP has been working with Visa to trial the new 'Visa Offers' platform which provides customers with instant per-gallon discounts when they use an enrolled Visa card. Customers receive their discount vouchers via SMS (text messages) that can be redeemed at BP stations using the Pump Rewards platform.

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