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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 7, 2005

Two events coming up later this year have come to our attention, centred on corporate branding strategies in the financial services market, and innovative marketing strategies and churn reduction in the telecoms market.

In October, the 2-day 'Corporate Identity Management in Financial Services' conference (in Rome) will examine why corporate branding strategies don't always keep their promises (to the consumer and the board of directors).

According to the organiser, the Jacob Fleming Group, the role of brands, successful re-branding, and brand-building strategies are becoming the most debated issues in financial services, and with increasing competition in the financial services market, the corporate brand is becoming the single most effective tool in differentiation and in gaining consumer trust.

The conference promises working case studies from major financial institutions, looking at the problems and solutions involved in successful branding strategies. Key topics to be covered include re-branding, international and local branding, marketing communication strategies, and internal communications.

Brands and loyalty
Then in November, another 2-day conference (in Paris, France), 'Innovative Marketing and Effective Sales in Telecoms', asks why some companies are having trouble reducing customer churn, and why customers don't seem to "connect" with their brands easily. Going beyond simple ROI calculations, the conference will feature in-depth sessions with leading telecommunications companies that have explored and answered those questions.

The panel of speakers will explain and openly discuss the do's and don'ts of strategy implementation, and present practical case studies that show both how and why certain telco's invested in a variety of different marketing and sales activities. The idea behind the conference is to come up with new ideas on how to translate marketing strategies into practical action and results.

The main topics covered will include maximising marketing and sales effectiveness in the changing telecoms market, using branding strategically, reducing churn, using customer segmentation and loyalty programmes, and achieving a fast ROI.

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