Brazin reports on Pulse Reward loyalty scheme

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Posted on November 16, 2005

Brazin reports on Pulse Reward loyalty scheme

The Australian multi-brand specialty retailer Brazin Ltd has reported that 2005 has been a year of expansion, having added a large number of concessions and retail stores and launched its customer loyalty card programme, 'Pulse'.

According to Brazin's CEO, Greg Milne, the group has added 224 new stores (including 60 Virgin stores in Myer department stores in 60 days): "We have ... launched, after a successful pilot test last year, what we believe to be Australian retail's most innovative and dynamic customer loyalty program, Pulse. This program, designed to link consumers across all of the Brazin brands, has met with resounding consumer acceptance." The Pulse Reward programme is viewed as being a cornerstone of Brazin's diversification strategy.

Brazin brands linked The programme was designed to link consumers across all of the Brazin brands, and has already met with consumer acceptance within its first year, with 500,000 customers signing up since its full launch in February 2005. Brazin's figures suggest that the programme is likely to secure more than 1 million enrolled members by February 2006. The company also expects the programme to increase the average transaction value (ATV) per customer.

Developed in conjunction with loyalty solutions firm Visible Results, Pulse Rewards uses the thermochromic GraphiCard loyalty card and software platform. Members join the programme at any Brazin store and immediately receive their personalised Pulse Reward card. Points earned on every transaction are instantly updated and displayed on the face of the card.

Earning points Pulse members earn 1 point for every Aus$1 they spend while shopping with their Pulse card at any one of the 700+ participating Brazin stores. Every time they use their card, they are also entered into the monthly major prize draw (which has in the past featured top prizes such as a trip for two to LA to see U2 in concert).

Mark Pullen, general manager for Visible Results Australia, said: "If it was just about points, Pulse would be no different to any of the loyalty programmes already in the market. But every time a member shops and presents their Pulse card they have the chance to win instant prizes, and receive offers relevant to their profile or transaction, right there in the store."

Correction: We wish to make it clear that, due to an ambiguous statement in the original press release, there was an earlier misstatement concerning Brazin's relationship with Myer stores. Brazin Limited operates concession departments within many Myer stores, but is not officially associated with Coles-Myer (the parent of Myer stores).

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