Bridge2 Solutions Announces the First Voice Activated Rewards Platform: Introducing Points Pal

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Posted on January 8, 2014

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Sept. 20, 2017 -- Bridge2 announces Points Pal, the first voice activated experience for rewards programs that is compatible with multiple Virtual Assistants. Reward members from thousands of loyalty and employee incentive programs can give commands to Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Cortana and many other voice recognition platforms simply by saying "Open Points Pal."
Points Pal is compatible with multiple Virtual Assistants.
Here's how it works. Users simply speak to a Virtual Assistant device and request any action that they previously completed on their desktop or mobile applications within their loyalty program.  Points Pal can respond to an unlimited number of commands such as:

"Tell me my point balance."
"What's in my shopping cart?"
"What did I purchase last time with my reward points?"
"Put this soccer ball in my favorites."
"How many more points do I need to redeem this book?"
"How much more do I need to spend to have enough points to purchase this TV?"
"Let's buy it using rewards points and my credit card."
"Where's my stuff?"

Bridge2's Points Pal (patent pending) merges next generation technologies and removes barriers across consumer devices. Users can start a voice interactive event on a virtual assistant, and complete the action on the same device or on a different device, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

"We are very excited to be able to continually enhance the shopping experience with reward currencies to give the consumer even more flexibility," said Larry Wine, Chief Commercial Officer at Bridge2 Solutions.

"Points Pal future enhancements will include streamlining the voice commands to deliver the equivalent of a 'one-click purchase' and having the voice activated devices present personalized recommendations based on prior purchase behavior with rewards currencies."

Points Pal connects members to their rewards accounts and allows them to choose from millions of items to purchase with their rewards currency. By using Points Pal reward members can request the Virtual Assistant to redeem for a wide range of products ranging from electronics to sporting goods, books, gift cards, and more. Travel rewards and other experiential events will be a future enhancement added to Points Pal.

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Bridge2 is the leading SaaS platform technology company providing innovative solutions to drive engagement and loyalty between Brands and their consumers. Bridge2 transformed rewards programs in 2006 by taking the industry from the obsolete warehouse model to dynamic merchandise with the latest products, real time pricing, same day shipping, and in-store pick-up at major online retailers. We are now introducing the next wave of loyalty solutions to unlock the $160B in alternative currencies, provide point ubiquity and drive loyalty to Brands across all industries through an enhanced experience. Bridge2 powers loyalty programs for 7 of the Top 10 Financial Institutions and 4500 loyalty, incentive and employee perk programs for companies in Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Retail and almost every industry. Visit #Loyalty Unlocked

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