Building loyalty through customer feedback

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 14, 2003

Building loyalty through customer feedback

Because measuring customers' satisfaction is essential to both customer relationship management and customer loyalty, a new customer feedback service involving non-invasive telephone surveys of candid consumer opinion has been launched by Integrity For You, Inc (IFYI).

The new service package can be used by any organisation as a tool to enhance its customer loyalty and retention. Because of the non-invasive handling of the telephone call, the customer continues to feel 'engaged' with the company, and has the opportunity to provide their feedback openly and honestly.

According to IFYI, the measurement of the trends and experiences revealed by the technique, and the monitoring of possible defections, can all increase purchase frequency. "Our focus is helping clients maintain ongoing contact with their customer bases," said Barry Hyman, vice president of sales for IFYI.

Dissatisfaction alerts During the process of calling a client company's customers, if a consumer highlights an unmet need, a request, or a referral, a priority report is logged and an alert is e-mailed to the client company for immediate follow up.

Additionally, an event data screen allows IFYI representatives to tell the consumer about new products, services or events. Referrals are sought in each call and placed in a priority report. Statistical and feedback reports can be accessed at any stage by the client company, by means of an online account.

"It has been well proven that customers will provide information if they see value for themselves," explains Michael Lowenstein, president of Customer Retention Associates. "IFYI has developed a service which provides both communication value for customers and actionable information and insight for suppliers."

According to IFYI's president, Terri Schepps, "Given the opportunity, customers really do want to provide candid feedback. Businesses will appreciate customer feedback, instead of speculation."

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