Building Sustainable and Profitable Customer Relationships Through Intelligent Engagement

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 17, 2022

Have you noticed your customers are harder to keep engaged?

It’s no surprise. The post-COVID economy has created a new “digital-first” customer — more savvy, more connected, and more distracted than ever with competing marketing messages, purchase options, and ways to transact.

Faced with this new reality, how can you build trust and meaningful connections with your customers to create loyal and profitable customer relationships?

The answer is Intelligent Engagement.

Consumers expect brands to anticipate and relate to their needs. Personalizing their experience is critical to attracting their attention and creating engagement. But traditionally, brands have struggled due to a lack of context around consumer behavior and how to address customer needs with relevant offers, incentives, benefits, and experiences.

This has limited the level of personalization. Data has increased, but actionable insight has often been harder to identify and apply. As datasets have improved and expanded, businesses must understand what makes good data and how to use it to create valuable and relevant personalization for customers.

This is where Intelligent Engagement comes into play.

Intelligent Engagement is more than just a way for brands to stand out using personalization. Intelligent Engagement allows for longer-term, stronger customer relationships and encourages interaction by promoting highly relevant rewards and experiences, which drive redemption and ultimately create brand enthusiasm and more profitable customer relationships.

To successfully execute Intelligent Engagement, marketers must go beyond traditional segmentation models, demographic facts, and psychographic profiles. Tenerity’s approach to Intelligent Engagement utilizes AI, machine learning, and data intelligence to create highly curated, individualized marketing offers and immersive customer experiences, giving customers reasons to connect with brands.

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