Burger King to launch internet loyalty programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 17, 2001

Burger King to launch internet loyalty programme

Following in the wake of its recent strategic alliance with AOL Time Warner, Burger King is about to launch an internet-based loyalty programme with eBay. Fast food chain, Burger King Corporation and internet marketplace, eBay have entered into a multi-year agreement to create an internet-based loyalty programme, scheduled to launch early next year.

Co-branded website When Burger King customers buy certain food or drink items from Burger King restaurants, they will earn points which they can deposit and track on a co-branded Burger King/eBay web site. Customers can use these points to bid for rewards that will be posted on the site.

A million rewards Burger King is set to provide some one million rewards during 2002. Through its relationship with AOL Time Warner (see earlier news article) a range of the rewards may well come come from AOL Time Warner (for example CDs, concert tickets and other entertainment events).

Burger King Corporation and eBay will also develop online and off-line marketing programmes to promote the loyalty programme, including significant in-store promotions at the 8,400 Burger King restaurants in the United States.

For more info:www.burgerking.com www.ebay.com