Burger King's loyalty programme has "cracked the code"

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 2, 2002

Burger King's loyalty programme has "cracked the code"

Burger King's pilot of its new loyalty programme is being hailed by the company as a resounding success. Things look good for a roll-out.

Burger King is piloting its new BK Rewards on-line loyalty programme in Erie, PA. In the first ten days more than a thousand users have registered on the site. According to Burger King senior director Hal Rossiter, "These kind of results surpass even what airlines have realised. Burger King has cracked the code with using the internet as a key driver of traffic into our restaurants."

Points for fries Burger King customers who buy a medium, large or king sized portion of French fries from any Burger King restaurant in Erie earn between 100 and 250 points. These can be used to bid for rewards on the programme website. So far, users have bid more than 30,000 points for rewards that range from Palm Pilots to spa days and ski holidays.

Three tiers Rewards are divided into three tiers. The first tier includes lower value rewards like clothing, books and CDs. The second tier includes more expensive rewards like TVs, stereos and DVDs, while the third tier includes leisure rewards like trips to rock concerts, a day at a spa or a skiing holiday.

Albany too Burger King plans to launch its second pilot in Albany, NY this Monday (March 4th). Like the Erie pilot, it will be supported by local TV and radio advertising and on-site merchandising.

According to Rossiter, "If we continue to see these type of results, we will be rolling out BK Rewards nationwide very, very soon."

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