Can Retailers be the Disrupters? WD Partners releases new Health & Wellness centered WayfinD Issue

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Posted on October 2, 2017

COLUMBUS, OhioOct. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Did you know that the first retail health clinic opened in Minnesota in 2001 after a frustrated father (and future Minute Clinic co-founder) experienced a long wait at an urgent care facility to treat his son's strep throat? There are now more than 3,000 clinics in drug stores, supermarkets and big box mass merchandisers. Just three years ago, roughly 15% of consumers had visited a retail clinic; in the past year more than 30% of them had tried it.

The recent emergence of retail health clinics is both a direct response to these lousy experiences and an effort to find life in the struggling retail store space. And what's not to like? They're often closer to home, offer longer and more flexible hours, and are closer to the products they may need to purchase after a diagnosis. Pricing is not a black box and is usually promoted on signage.

The impact of retailers becoming a "primary care" option of choice goes well beyond that business itself. It creates an entirely different dynamic in the consumer/shopper relationship with the store and the retailer's brand, creating completely new visit patterns, trip drivers and need states. In this latest WayfinD article, WD Partners dives into this growing vertical, how retailers have impacted its growth and what opportunities exist for brands, retailers and health care providers because of it.

In addition to the disruption being felt in the retail health clinic space, WD takes a closer look at the Wellness industry and the passionate consumer base that is driving massive spending and ultimately opportunity within this category. The Passion for Wellness article identifies the facets of wellness, the consumer segments within this vertical and then goes deep into the "Wellness Lifestyle" consumer group and what opportunities they present to brands and retailers.

The remainder of the issue includes a case study on the approach to taking a Naturals product line mainstream in store, a thought provoking "what if" question for brands about reframing their offering and strategy around wellness and a readers' poll question that is easily relatable around the frustrating medical experience. Find the entire WayfinD fall issue here and don't miss future WayfinD issues by subscribing here.

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