Canada approves SCTN's smart loyalty patent

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 10, 2003

Canada approves SCTN's smart loyalty patent

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has approved Smart Chip Technologies' patent application entitled 'Method and System for Allocating and Redeeming Incentive Credits between a Portable Device and a Base Device', which is an expanded version of SCTN's patents owned in the USA, Mexico, Australia, and Japan.

"Smart Chip Technologies' broad, technology-independent Canadian patent is based upon its US patent, with 36 claims for business processes and systems for allocating and redeeming incentive credits," explained Stoel Rives' intellectual property attorney, John Thompson, who is acting for Smart Chip Technologies.

The patents are key to SCTN's end-to-end loyalty programme management solution that has been engineered for EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa), Global Platform, and MULTOS compliance, for integration with credit and debit payments.

Backward compatible with magnetic-stripe programmes, and forward compatible with mobile commerce platforms, SCTN's loyalty system aims to provide a seamless migration path for banks that need to maintain cardholder rewards schemes during the upgrade to EMV-compliant chip cards. The firm's loyalty system can also be integrated with CRM systems, and used to add value to multi-application transit, gaming, entertainment, access, retail, and campus cards.

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