Canadian Tire trials points-based loyalty card

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 22, 2012

Canadian Tire trials points-based loyalty card

Canadian Tire is testing a new points-based version of its loyalty programme throughout Nova Scotia, which will include an option for customers to donate their points to their favourite eligible local charities and community groups, and operate alongside the existing paper-based Canadian Tire 'Money' programme.

Initially made available only in Nova Scotia's 21 Canadian Tire stores and 8 'gas bars', the new pilot programme offers members the option to collect Canadian Tire 'Money' Advantage Points electronically with either a loyalty card or a key fob.

When designing the electronic offering, the company's consumer research showed that many customers wanted a more convenient electronic option to collect and redeem Canadian Tire 'Money', while other customers wanted to continue to collect the programme's iconic paper notes. Customers not participating in the programme can still collect their Canadian Tire 'Money' in paper form, as before. Those who choose not to adopt the new programme can continue to collect paper Canadian Tire 'Money' when paying by cash or debit card.

Customers who join the electronic programme earn Canadian Tire 'Money' Advantage Points for all eligible purchases, even when paying with a credit card (unlike the paper-based programme), as well as Bonus Points for buying products featured in the company's weekly flyer and in-store offers. Members earn 1 point for every Can$1 spent at Canadian Tire stores. Members can earn 'points multipliers' when they fill up with fuel at participating Canadian Tire gas bars (retail fuel outlets). Members can also earn more points per transaction (3 points per Can$1 spent) when they present their Canadian Tire 'Money' Advantage Card in-store, and pay with a Canadian Tire Options MasterCard (users of which also earn 1 point per Can$1 spent elsewhere on eligible purchases).

Advantage Points can be redeemed for eligible merchandise at Canadian Tire in much the same way as Canadian Tire 'Money' paper notes, with 100 points being worth Can$1. The new electronic points have no expiry dates, and can be redeemed at any time toward more than 90,000 eligible products in-store, or they can be donated to Canadian Tire Jumpstart and other eligible community groups.

The Canadian Tire 'Money' Advantage programme offers qualifying community organisations a fundraising tool to help support their efforts, as any Canadian Tire 'Money' Advantage Points earned on the new loyalty cards can (at the collector's choice) be donated to a participating community group, which can then redeem their donated points for eligible products in Canadian Tire stores.

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