Case study: Targeting the mobile Hispanic

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 20, 2008

Case study: Targeting the mobile Hispanic

When the time came for US-based Primus Telecommunications to increase product awareness and purchasing among a key target audience of mobile Hispanic consumers, the company called upon Ad Infuse and LSN Mobile Technologies to help engage consumers who would view Hispanic (Telemundo) mobile content via a wireless advertising network.

The strategy that LSN Mobile Technologies and Ad Infuse decided upon was to advertise the Primus Globe Talk long-distance telephone service through the Local Wireless ad network for approximately three weeks, with the aim being to drive consumer engagement, awareness, and purchasing.

Market relevance The telephone service package offered specifically allows Hispanic consumers to make heavily discounted international calls from both home and mobile phones to 19 Latin American countries.

"Working closely with Primus, we helped craft a specific mobile strategy based on the target audience and local marketing needs," explained Carol Jackson, vice president of global sales for Ad Infuse. "Through that process, it became clear that our content partner, Local Wireless, could help with those objectives."

Campaign execution LSN and Ad Infuse ran the advert for three weeks in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami (all of which are regions with a high Hispanic population).

Consumers could then see and click on the advert while checking for other local content on the Local Wireless network. LSN then tracked all the necessary metrics (such as click-throughs, times and dates, frequency, device types, banner types, and even the user's mobile network).

To get as immediate a consumer response as possible, the advert made use of 'Click to Call' technology to allow the user to be immediately connected to the Primus call centre to sign up for the package.

Good results During the first ten hours of the campaign, the click-through rate (CTR) exceeded 13% and, by the end of the first day, the rate had levelled out at 10%. At the end of the campaign (three weeks later), the over CTR averaged 7.5% of viewers, which stood at nearly eight times the average online advertising CTR.

According to Adriana Avakian, director of partner marketing for Primus, "In migrating our product offering to highly targeted demographics, we see the need to provide more compelling, relevant offers that broaden our customer's options to reach people and places that matter to them."

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