Catalina enters 61 more stores in Japan

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 2, 2003

Catalina enters 61 more stores in Japan

The Catalina Marketing Network is to be installed throughout all 61 Sotetsu Rosen stores in Japan, following successful pilot installations in eight of the Japanese retailer's outlets since April 2002.

The new installations by Catalina Marketing Japan (a division of the US-based Catalina Marketing Corporation) adds Sotetsu Rosen to the network of retailers in the region including: Jusco, Seiyu, Ito Yokado, Hac Kimisawa, Maruetsu, Foodexpress, and Lincos.

"Catalina's growing presence in the Japanese market is the direct result of a proven business model that encourages sales growth and increases customer loyalty by engaging consumers with behaviour-based communications," explained Mike Bechtol, chief operations officer for Catalina Marketing.

The Catalina Marketing Network uses JAN codes (a subset of EAN barcodes in which the first two digits are '49') or card data to target and communicate with consumers at the point-of-sale, based on their purchase behaviour.

Behaviour-based communications can include promotional messaging, sampling, advertising, and loyalty programmes depending on the manufacturer or retailer's objectives.

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