Catalina offers retailers new purchasing insights

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 7, 2005

Catalina offers retailers new purchasing insights

As retailer demand grows for better insight into customer behaviour and spending patterns, the need for the continuous and detailed analysis of customer bases also grows. In response, Catalina Marketing is to offer UK retailers detailed purchasing habit insight through its new 'Netezza Performance Server' (NPS) data warehouse application.

The NPS data warehouse platform allows Catalina to store and access the 350 billion+ market basket records from the Catalina Marketing Network (which is installed in 25,000 retail locations worldwide). The Netezza data warehouse offers fast and accurate analytic querying while also offering retailers a detailed and historical view of the data.

Better marketing By analysing customer data collected through the network, Catalina will be providing retailers with marketing insights and services based on the purchasing behaviour of a mass of consumers. Using that knowledge, retailers should be able to operate more effective promotional communications, incentives, and loyalty programmes for their customers.

According to Eric Williams, Catalina Marketing's CIO, "By taking control of our database service, Netezza is helping provide the best possible service we can offer, and the NPS system also substantially improves database performance."

Jit Saxena, CEO and co-founder of Netezza Corporation, said "Catalina is now using a system that delivers fast, efficient results in minutes rather than hours or even days. These performance gains will offer Catalina a competitive advantage with the ability to respond quickly to customer demand."

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