Catalina to use MicroStrategy web-based retail intelligence

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 1, 2003

Catalina to use MicroStrategy web-based retail intelligence

Catalina Marketing Corporation is to team up with business intelligence software provider, MicroStrategy, and IBM, to deliver real time, interactive, web-based business intelligence systems for its retail clients.

Through Catalina's existing systems, consumers are given targeted incentives, mainly at retail grocery and pharmacy outlets. Through its Retail Direct product, Catalina currently manages customer loyalty information for more than 4,500 grocery locations across the US and international markets.

After an in-depth evaluation of a number of interactive, web-based retail business intelligence products, Catalina chose the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform because of its scalability, wide range of functionality, and easy-to-use web interface.

IBM Platform IBM's advanced server and database software was also selected to serve the business intelligence platform that will handle Catalina's large volume of data, and offer insights into a large geographically distributed consumer population.

"We want to make information available to our retail clients on demand, and we can provide that information more quickly using the MicroStrategy product," said Catalina's chief technology officer, Eric Williams. "The product's easy-to-use, zero footprint web interface will help our clients get the most valuable insight from the system."

"We're proud to partner with IBM to help Catalina's retail clients enhance their one-to-one relationships with consumers at home, online and in-store," added MicroStrategy's COO, Sanju Bansal.

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