Catuity launches new real-time loyalty software

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Posted on August 5, 2004

Catuity launches new real-time loyalty software

Catuity Inc. has announced the first release of its new real-time loyalty software suite that supports most major loyalty schemes and enables coalition marketing programmes for retailers. Called 'Advanced Loyalty System', the software has been in development for a year and replaces the company's existing 'CAT X' package.

The new software suite has been built with the aim of reducing retail systems integration issues and helping to cut the costs and uncertainty involved in deploying a real-time loyalty programme.

Specifically designed for North American retailers that have integrated points of sale and require customised incentive and reward offerings based on customer behaviour, Catuity says the new system can be integrated with any platform used by retailers.

Feature set With the initial release of the software, loyalty points can be accumulated and redeemed in real-time at the most crucial moment in the customer-merchant relationship: when making a purchase. If the retailer's loyalty programme is points based, customers can see their total points available at the checkout, either on-screen or printed on their receipt, and they can also opt to use those points as part-payment toward their purchase.

In future releases of the software, more advanced features are to be added, such as the ability to structure and design reward programmes based on location, customer demographics, time, method of payment, and products purchased. These features are currently in development and are expected to be released over the next few months. Catuity says it will also be developing interfaces for customer and merchant web-based support.

J2EE platform Developed using Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) related technology, the Advanced Loyalty System incorporates flexible components to ensure scalability, flexibility, and compatibility throughout the system's lifecycle. The J2EE architecture supports multiple platforms, meaning that retailers deploying the system can choose their operating system, database and application server to suits their own needs.

New era "Having installed loyalty applications at thousands of points of sale we have gained much insight and experience, from retailers and processors, that has driven the development of our new technology," commented Michael V. Howe, president and CEO for Catuity.

Howe sees the launch of the product as the beginning of a new era for Catuity. The real-time, centralised, transaction-based architecture is a departure from the company's previous architecture which involved batched, distributed, offline smart cards.

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