CEFCO Introduces a New CEFCO Rewards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 2, 2021

This week CEFCO, a convenience and fuel retailer operating over 200 stores across six states, announced the launch of its all new and fully refreshed customer loyalty program, CEFCO Rewards. CEFCO is an operating unit of Fikes Wholesale, headquartered in Temple Texas, and the new rewards program will serve its customer base in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida.

Stuzo, a provider of contactless commerce and cross channel customer experience solutions for Convenience and Fuel retailers is the provider helping bring the CEFCO program to life. The program has a mobile-first structure, responding to current consumer preferences for loyalty program engagement tools. We explained why our three words for loyalty in 2021 are Trust, Clarity and Ease and the new CEFCO Rewards program aligns with this thinking. 

CEFCO Rewards makes it fast and easy for members to enroll by offering a seamless phone number-based sign-up process, whereby consumers may enter their phone number at the pin pad on the pump, at the pin pad on the counter next to the POS in the store, or on CEFCO’s mobile-friendly signup page on its website.

By lowering the barrier to entry to just the consumer’s phone number and minimizing friction typically associated with enrollment across channels, CEFCO is acquiring a greater percentage of its total addressable member opportunity.

Here are more details about the enrollment process: at the instant of enrollment, CEFCO Rewards members receive a secure, one-time link via SMS text message, which takes them directly to their mobile membership homepage and logs them in. Members can then enjoy easy access to their account and view their points balance, find available offers, and spend points on rewards.

Redemption made easy

To make the redemption process easier, CEFCO Rewards enables members to identify themselves at the pump or in-store by typing in their phone number in the same fashion as during initial enrollment.

The impact of this mobile first, friction-free process translates into increased member engagement and additional incremental transactions from its members. In a rare treat, CEFCO shared some of its results comparing the new program to its previous version over the first 60 days post-launch. The improvements encompassed:

  • Transactions per day are up 1.8x, or 80%
  • Number of active members is up 3.4x, or 243%
  • Member enrollment rates are up 2.2x, or 115%

You can browse through the FAQs on CEFCO Rewards and learn all you need to know on CEFCO’s website, but to save you a few clicks, here’s a summary of the topline program rules:

Once enrolled in the program, CEFCO members can earn points as follows:

  • 10 points per dollar spent (excluding fuel and age-restricted items, such as alcohol, tobacco, lottery, and CBD)
  • 5 points per gallon pumped (applicable to all fuel grades)
  • 250 bonus points for completing the member profile (and a bonus free fountain drink or coffee)

Points accumulated can be redeemed for this variety of goodies:

  • 500 points for a free fountain drink or coffee
  • 750 points for a free roller grill item
  • 1,000 points for $3.00 off the next purchase in store

Our back of the napkin math tell us that the offer is somewhere between 3 – 5% to the program member and that a typical customer would reach the rewards threshold every 45 days. Higher value customers could probably enjoy a reward each month.

Jake Kiser, Chief Customer Officer, Stuzo summarized the launch this way:

“We are honored to be a trusted partner in CEFCO’s transformative customer experience programs. Having an integrated program that starts with exceptional customer experience and loyalty first, includes simple, seamless enrollment across channels, and then offers multiple ways for members to engage across the digital commerce landscape. This is essential to providing CEFCO customers with the greatest flexibility, choice, and ease across their personalized digital journey.”