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Take A Deep Dive on Loyalty Data: An Executive Interview With Brenda Higuchi

If you like the metaphor that “data is the new oil” of digital marketing and customer loyalty, then Brenda Higuchi would be at the top of the list of seasoned explorers.

Brenda is SVP, Analytics and Optimization at Exchange Solutions, and has impressive experience in Predictive Analytics, Customer Engagement, and Customer Loyalty accumulated through time spent with Aimia, Scene, Husky, and others.

This short interview (its’s less than 30 minutes and you don’t want to miss any of it) answers questions that confront all practitioners in the customer loyalty business:

  • We have so much data, but how can we be sure that we are optimizing it all?
  • Am I fully prepared to protect my data from incursion and theft?
  • How do we create a fair value exchange between brands and their customers?
  • What will change in third party cookies mean to marketers?

The timestamps below will guide you to the parts of the conversation that interest you most, but we assure you, this is one to absorb and enjoy in its entirety.

Timestamp guide for the listener:

  • A day in the life for Brenda? – 5:19
  • Is Data really the New Oil? – 6:04
  • How do we create a fair exchange of value between Brand and Consumer? – 9:42
  • The impact of Third Party Cookies – 13:30
  • Defining Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence – 17:37
  • Examples of Personalization Today? – 21:17
  • What’s the future of data in loyalty marketing? – 24:58
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