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Chirpify powers multiple Super Bowl wins

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 12, 2018

Super news from Chirpify about this year’s Super Bowl.  In case you’re unfamiliar, Chirpify is a US-based, new age loyalty solutions provider who uses a social platform approach for rewarding and recognizing a brand’s customers or prospects for advocacy and engagement.  The platform can be used as a stand alone offering by the brand or as an adjunct to an existing loyalty marketing program. Media campaigns or program web sites can be “activated” using a hash tag for direct response via chatbot.

During the Super Bowl, several Chirpify clients used the activation system to put something extra into their TV commercials.  The combined results were impressive:

  • 58 Billion Impressions
  • 450K Social Posts
  • 150K Chatbot Messages
  • 50 Million Reward Points Given Out

Chirpify points out that “with Twitter’s ad driven CPM at about $6, you can do napkin math to see how 58 Billion organic impressions compares. Spoiler: you’d need to pay Twitter $336,000,000!”

By activating their Super Bowl hashtags for direct chatbot response, brands were able to drive organic engagement, deliver rewards points, acquire new members, and pile up a huge number of brand impressions.

Some examples:

Marriott Rewards

Marriott deployed a chatbot trivia campaign through the Super Bowl, asking questions during the game to elicit response. Using Natural Language Processing, bots can differentiate between right and wrong answers to questions posed by brands, delivering different responses and rewards based on these answers.

What's the highest number of points scored by any team in the first quarter of a Super Bowl? Answer with #RewardsPoints by 6am EST on 2/5 and score 500 points if you get it right. #SBLII

Avocados From Mexico

After driving 3 Billion impressions using Chirpify in last year’s Super Bowl, AFM wanted to top their performance by activating their Super Bowl commercial for direct response. Viewers who saw the commercial and posted the hashtag were responded to with various smart messages, driving different outcomes.


Soccer.com leveraged the platform for the “other football”, running a social contest with a sweepstakes outcome complete with chatbot responses to those fans that participated. The campaign was connected to their Goal Club Rewards program, so participants earned rewards points inside their Goal Club account for engaging. They also acquired new members into the Goal Club as non-members inevitably joined to participate.

What's your favorite cleat from the @adidassoccer Cold Blooded Pack? Quote this tweet and let us know using #soccerdotcomrewards for a chance to win a pair for yourself #HereToCreate

Whether brand building, membership building, database building or driving transactions, the Chirpify platform certainly improves the odds of engaging any loyalty program member and having some fun along the way.  That’s a touchdown in our book!