Cisco rolls out new distributor rewards scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 16, 2008

Cisco rolls out new distributor rewards scheme

Cisco Systems has launched a new Distributor Rewards Programme using the Lifecycle Marketing Platform provided by on-demand loyalty software provider RewardStream, with the aim of driving distribution channel sales.

Cisco's new programme allocates Cisco Co-op funding directly to sales representatives at five large technology distributors throughout the US (Ingram Micro, D&H, Comstor, TechData and ScanSource).

Closed loop system According to RewardStream, the closed-loop measurability of co-op funding is relatively new to the technology sector, and required very close collaboration and joint programme administration between the five distributors and Cisco's programme and partner managers.

The resulting cooperative programme allows each of the five distributors to control and define the sales incentives and reward allocations that their sales teams are offered, which ensures that sales incentives are configured to match how each distributor allocates other rewards for their own sales force.

Measurable ROI The programme also attaches a measurable return on investment (ROI) to existing co-op funding. Quantifying the programme's success in this way means that all five distributors can directly reward the individual sales representatives who are the most productive in selling Cisco products.

And because the whole programme is jointly administered by the five distributors and Cisco, with all parties accessing RewardStream's platform through an online, self-service administration portal, all data generated by the programme has been centralised and can be used by Cisco and its distributors to help optimise programme performance.

The new programme built on Cisco's earlier partner reward programmes (which were also launched using RewardStream's platform), including the US-based Partner Rewards Programme and its subsequent rollout to the Canadian marketplace, and the Company Rewards Programme.

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