CITGO launches merchant-configurable loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 15, 2012

CITGO launches merchant-configurable loyalty scheme

In the US, CITGO Petroleum Corporation has launched a new loyalty programme and platform called 'Loyalty Bucks' to help its 6,000 locally owned retail fuel merchants win greater market share in their own regions.

The CITGO Loyalty Bucks programme was the result of a partnership between CITGO and three technology providers (Centego, Outsite Networks Loyalty Solutions, and FIS Loyalty). Each of the three technology partners chosen has specific strengths, such as growing inside sales or tying in with grocery store promotions.

The programme was designed to ensure that marketers and retailers could choose the best possible solution for their own specific business goals, and its flexible design provides retails with access to the provider that best matches their needs, at a discounted rate.

"We know that loyalty programmes can generate an increase of up to 15% on inside sales volume and up to 10% in gallons at the pump," said Alan Flagg, general manager of light oils marketing for CITGO. "We wanted to offer those kinds of advantages to our marketers and retailers. However, we also knew that one template wouldn't work across the diverse CITGO network, so we built a platform with lots of options from which each business owner could choose what works best for their own market."

To help marketers implement the Loyalty Bucks programme, CITGO teamed up with Exclusive Connection$, an expert in convenience store marketing programmes. The Loyalty Accelerator programme that CITGO has developed with Exclusive Connection$ was built to provide retailers with guidance through every step of loyalty programme design and implementation. Exclusive Connection$ works with CITGO marketers and retailers to help them choose the right technology partner, create a loyalty programme that is unique to them, and that aligns with their business processes and goals, as well as manage project implementation plans and provide ongoing marketing support.

CITGO will also help its merchants pay for the CITGO Loyalty Bucks programme by offering incentives that can be earned by selecting one of the CITGO Loyalty Bucks preferred technology partners, using the Loyalty Accelerator programme through Exclusive Connection$, and/or committing to a charity donation per redemption transaction. The tiered incentive is a one-time reimbursement that is paid after the programme launches at a CITGO location.

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