Citi and Shell offer new cardholders triple rebates

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 4, 2006

Citi and Shell offer new cardholders triple rebates

Shell Oil Products US has re-introduced a credit card incentive and marketing campaign for the Shell Platinum MasterCard from Citi Cards, offering new cardholders triple rebates on qualifying purchases for sixty days.

Through a sixty-day introductory offer, new Shell Platinum MasterCard credit card holders will earn triple rebates on Shell petrol purchases, the first US$100 of daily Jiffy Lube purchases, and on all other purchases where MasterCard is accepted.

New rebate levels Shell and Citibank are setting the promotional rebate level for Shell fuel at 15% (for new cardholders who apply for the card from October through December 2006). Effectively, the saving equals US$0.41 per gallon (at US$2.75 per gallon). With an average fill-up of 13 gallons, cardholders who spend US$36 could earn US$5 in rebates per fill-up during the promotional period.

All other purchases attract a 3% rebate during the promotion (instead of the usual 1% rebate), and there is no rebate cap imposed.

Limited time The triple rebate applies to new accounts for the first sixty days, starting from the day the cardholder receives the card in the mail. At the end of the 60-day period, the rebate will return to the usual rate of 5% for Shell fuel (and on the first $100 of daily Jiffy Lube purchases), plus 1% on purchases elsewhere.

All rebates are automatically applied directly to customers' monthly statements as credits toward future Shell fuel purchases.

The efforts to promote the Shell Platinum MasterCard triple rebate promotion include a national advertising and communications campaign that uses TV and internet advertisements, as well as public relations efforts. Shell stations have been given a comprehensive point-of-purchase package that includes pump toppers, pole signs, register signs, and other tools to advertise the offer on-site.

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