Cloud CRM soars past in-house platforms

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 6, 2012

Businesses are reporting high levels of confidence in cloud-based CRM systems, with more than half saying they see better value from these systems than from their in-house equivalents, according to recent research from cloud CRM provider Really Simple Systems.

The survey found that adoption of cloud CRM systems has soared over the course of the past year, with these solutions now being used more widely than traditional in-house solutions. Of those companies surveyed, 56% are using a cloud-based CRM system (compared to only 45% one year before).

Furthermore, only 15% of the 685 respondents from SMEs admitted to still having some reservations about the adoption of cloud systems - a vast improvement on 23% one year earlier.

Half (50.1%) said they believe cloud solutions offer better value than in-house equivalents (up from 44%). Indeed, it appears that confidence in cloud solutions overall has increased substantially, with 72% of respondents claiming to have more confidence generally than they did one year earlier, and 80% saying they thought that cloud solutions required less IT support.

The UK is leading the way with cloud CRM with 85% saying they are confident in it, as opposed to 80% in the US. According to John Paterson, CEO for Really Simple Systems, "With the many advantages in terms of the reduction in IT overheads, the removal of system maintenance burdens, low capital expenditure, and the fact that cloud systems are accessible from any computer with internet access, cloud solutions continue to grow in popularity."

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