Coalition loyalty marketing firm considers alternative plans

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 10, 2004

Coalition loyalty marketing firm considers alternative plans

The Canadian coalition loyalty marketing programme provider, Advantex Marketing International, has announced new plans to pursue strategic alternatives to boost its stakeholder value.

Advantex Marketing International has announced that its board of directors is considering alternatives to maximise shareholder value, including a strategic partnership, merger and/or the sale of the company. Advantex's fiscal 2003 revenue exceeded Cdn$90,000,000. The board of directors and management of the company believe that the current trading price of Advantex common shares does not reflect the enterprise value of its loyalty marketing business or the strength of its leadership position within the North American loyalty marketing space.

The board of directors of Advantex approved the engagement of The Quorum Group to act as the company's agent and has established an independent committee to manage this initiative. Quorum, through one of the funds it manages, has the right to acquire Advantex common shares at a fixed price.

Long-term contracts Advantex has long-term loyalty marketing contracts with major brand-rich organisations including CIBC (The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) and The New York Times. Recently acquired loyalty marketing agreements include United Airlines, Bank of America, US Airways, Delta Air Lines, and Alaska Airlines. All told, these agreements provide the gateway to more than 75 million consumers and the currencies they collect.

One of Advantex's strengths is building and managing merchant coalitions on a market-by-market basis. Today, this merchant network consists of restaurants, premier golf courses, inns, resorts, spas, and online and storefront retailers. The company claims to be adept at securing the participation of mid-market and upper-end boutique merchants that are underserved by existing coalition loyalty marketing programmes.

US expansion Advantex programmes are driven by proprietary, transaction-based offline and online loyalty engines that interface between credit card issuers and processors, merchants and channel partners, creating a seamless experience for both merchant and customer. Advantex provides a range of loyalty programme platforms including branded transaction cards, embedded benefits in auto-enrolled credit cards, and online shopping malls.

"Advantex is well established in the loyalty marketing field in Canada. It now has significant opportunities for expansion in the United States," said G. Randall Munger, Advantex Marketing's chairman and CEO. "We believe our search for the right strategic partner or purchaser is the best course of action, and is in the interests of all stakeholders including shareholders, programme partners and employees."

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