Coffee with Comarch Loyalty | Episode 6: Bill Hanifin

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 14, 2022

Bill Hanifin, CEO & Managing Editor of the Wise Marketer, joined Bindu Gupta for the 6th episode of the Coffee with Comarch series to discuss 2022 loyalty marketing trends. Talking to Bindu, Bill shared a bit about how he went from banking to loyalty and how important his financial background has been to his loyalty career. Additionally, they cover topics on zero-party data, reassuring consumer brand trust, the importance of support from upper management, incentivizing employees, and more. Enjoy!

About Coffee with Comarch

Coffee with Comarch Loyalty is a vodcast featuring brand and retail loyalty experts from both household-name brands and up-and-coming companies. Take a quick coffee break and tune in to hear from experts like Salim Holder, CEO & Co-founder of 4th Ave Market, the largest black-owned hair & beauty supply online store; Patsy Rey, who has spent nearly 30 years fostering customer loyalty at Enterprise Holdings; and more!

New vodcast episodes will cover topics including how to be a memorable brand, the biggest challenges of loyalty programs today, the changing in-store experience, and how to get the most out of loyalty programs.

Bindu Gupta, Head of Loyalty Strategy Consulting, Comarch and host of the “Coffee with Comarch Loyalty” vodcast, shared this at the outset of the series:

“From the impact of the pandemic on customer loyalty to insider stories from loyalty program managers, our new vodcast series is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about some of the most successful loyalty programs and the strategies behind them. We plan to offer listeners behind-the-scenes insights, trend analysis, and much more from experts who are passionate about the power of customer loyalty … all during your coffee break.”