Coke launches all-new My Coke Rewards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 27, 2015

Coke launches all-new My Coke Rewards

Coca-Cola has unveiled its re-vamped My Coke Rewards loyalty programme, which provides loyal customers with VIP access to special events, tropical vacations in the middle of winter, and a range of other aspirational and experiential rewards.

To meet the evolving desires and expectations of members, the programme has shifted from a traditional, transactional model to a content-based programme driven by community and social interaction.

Coca-Cola customers can now engage with snackable, interactive content and activities organised around their personal passions, such as cooking, gaming and fitness, to earn valuable perks.

The enhanced focus on content comes with an upgrade to the overall user experience of the programme. Members will also now enjoy the convenience and ease of a modern interface that is compatible across all mobile devices.

With brand new marketing technology systems powering the loyalty platform, the company is able to serve content direct to consumers based on their personal preferences and online behaviours. And by leveraging its existing commercial partnerships, the programme is able to offer one-of-a-kind experiences.

With the new My Coke Rewards programme, members are rewarded on their terms for sharing content they are passionate about from the devices they use on a daily basis. The introduction of new ways to earn perks comes with an entirely fresh spin on rewards, as well.

Members are still able to cash in points for their favourite Coca-Cola beverage coupons and retailer gift cards, but the latest rewards appear in the form of unique, memorable experiences, such as cooking classes with celebrity chefs and premier tickets to sporting events.

Members who log on to can earn Bronze, Silver and Gold status levels (loyalty tiers) by participating in the new social, interest-based activities. As members climb status levels, complimentary perks are unlocked, including bonus points and access to expanded rewards catalogues. The most substantial rewards are available to Gold status members.

And the new My Coke Rewards for Schools programme offers new ways to donate to schools. Members can support local schools by donating their My Coke Rewards points or cash to help eligible schools purchase physical education, sports, technology, art or classroom supplies. Through new partner Kula (a charitable giving platform) schools will receive cash funds, giving them more flexibility to use the funds where they are needed the most.

All 23 million existing My Coke Rewards members will retain their current point balance simply by signing into using their existing account credentials and accepting the new terms and conditions.

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