Coles revamps FlyBuys to offer 50% more value

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 24, 2012

Coles revamps FlyBuys to offer 50% more value

In Australia, Coles has revamped and updated the FlyBuys coalition loyalty programme, offering loyal customers more points for their everyday household spending, more places to earn points, and a faster way to earn savings on their grocery bills.

From now on, Coles customers earn 1 point per Aus$1 they spend (at least 50% more value than previously), and there are nearly 200 products store-wide on which customers can earn Bonus Points.

It's now easier and faster than before for customers to turn points into money off at the checkout with FlyBuys Dollars. Customers can simply go online and convert their points into FlyBuys Dollars, and then use them at the checkout for money off at Coles, Kmart, Target, Liquorland, 1st Choice Liquor, and Coles Express.

At the same time the group also launched 'my5', which gives FlyBuys members 10% off any 5 products of their choice, whatever the price. Whatever the price, even if the product is on special offer, my5 users spending over Aus$50 can get 10% off every day on 5 products of their choice.

By combining FlyBuys and my5, the company says a typical family could save almost Aus$200 each year and, if combined with extra loyalty points from partners, this saving could easily exceed Aus$400.

Coles has recently partnered with Webjet to offer customers points for any flight with Webjet, in any seat, anywhere, at any time. Customers can also pay or part pay for flights and hotels using their FlyBuys points. At the same time, the programme signed new partners AGL and Telstra, which join existing partners such as NAB, Target, Kmart, Kmart Tyre & Auto Service, Coles Express, Liquorland, and 1st Choice Liquor.

Speaking at the launch of the all-new FlyBuys programme, Coles' managing director, Ian McLeod, said: "We lowered the cost of shopping through our 'Down Down' campaign and our weekly fruit and veg 'Super Specials', and now we're doing it again with the my5 programme."

Finally, Coles customers who choose to use a Coles MasterCard or a NAB FlyBuys rewards card will earn even more points when they shop. Coles comprehensive car and home insurance customers will also earn 1 point per Aus$1 spent on their policy, and an extra point per Aus$1 spent in Coles Supermarkets. By 'double-dipping' points in this way and using a FlyBuys-linked credit card, customers can now earn 5 or more points per Aus$1 spent at Coles.

More than 8 million all-new FlyBuys packs containing new FlyBuys cards are being sent to nearly every household in Australia, containing more than 16 million cards. (According to Coles, if you laid all those FlyBuys cards out out end-to-end, they would stretch from Adelaide, through Melbourne, on to Sydney, and beyond.)

FlyBuys was launched in 1994 and currently claims more than 5 million active cardholders. Coles took full ownership of the FlyBuys programme in February 2011 when it purchased National Australia Bank's 50% share of the programme.

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