Como and Revel Systems Bring the Technology Behind the Online Giants to Brick and Mortar

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 11, 2018

Como (, the award winning global leader in customer engagement solutions, has partnered with Revel Systems (, a feature-rich Point of Sale and complete business management platform, to bring the capabilities and technology behind online giants to brick-and-mortar businesses across the US.

In today’s digital world, the online giants seem to have a towering advantage. They’ve perfected the art of gathering purchase data and then appealing to customers with personalized offers that propel sales. By integrating with the Revel POS and platform, whose clients include Cinnabon, Popeye’s Chicken, Chobani, and many others, Como provides retailers and restaurants with the data-driven customer engagement tools they need to thrive in this highly competitive business environment.

Como and Revel’s partnership empowers businesses with tools that are usually only privy to the online giants. Many of Revel’s customers have recognized the great value of Como’s end-to-end engagement platform integrated with the Revel POS and, within the first 6 months of the partnership, many chains with hundreds of locations – such as My Second Cup, American Heroes Smokehouse, Squizto Pizza, and Marianne’s Ice Cream – have already fired up their Revel POS with a Como Sense integration.

One such business - Over the Top Cake Supplies, a Texas-based retail chain - moved from a basic loyalty solution to Como’s advanced, end-to-end customer engagement platform to leverage all the important customer data derived from their Revel POS to grow sales.

With Como Sense, Como’s flagship product to increase customer loyalty and engagement, Over the Top Cake Supplies was able to test the ROI of campaigns at a specific location before rolling it out nationwide. Over the Top Cake Supplies uses Como Sense’s personalization tools to increase the average spend from their customers. Since they’ve begun working with Como Sense, Over The Top Cake Supplies has increased their number of locations and successfully planned the effective promotions to generate demand at the opening of a new site.

Jean Iennaco, director of operations at Over the Top Cake Supplies, said, “The two companies [Como and Revel] combined offer me the technology that I need to take my customer service to the next level. I always wonder how Amazon always knows exactly what I want to buy when I log on to my account. Now that I have Como Sense, I have all the tools that I need to be able to do that with my customers.”

“Como is excited to extend our partnership with Revel and provide retail and restaurant chains with the capabilities that, until now, were only available to the online giants,” said Yair Holtzer, Founder and Head of Como US. “In the competitive environment of the Main Street, using data-driven and omnichannel tools to personalize their customer experience can help businesses grow loyalty and sales.”

“Businesses need to adapt to the customer needs of the digital era. Whereas customer loyalty goes beyond the point of purchase but demands an end to end solution. To support the evolving customer experience, we are excited to partner with Como to expand our suite of customer engagement tools and empower businesses to increase their customer lifetime value,” said Erick Kobres, Revel’s Chief Technology Officer.