Consumers offered help with loyalty card fatigue

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 9, 2007

Consumers offered help with loyalty card fatigue

In Canada, Web4mation Corporation has begun marketing a plastic card called 'My Bar Code Card' that consumers can have pre-printed with their membership numbers from multiple loyalty programmes and clubs.

When The Wise Marketer interviewed the company's founder, Bill Hayward, we asked what inspired the concept of a multiple-membership card: "Well, do you know anyone who complains about carrying too many cards in their wallet, but doesn't want to miss out on loyalty points and discounts? My Bar Code Card was created to solve that problem."

Customised online Available in the USA and Canada at first, various loyalty and reward programme identity numbers are already supported (there's a list online - click here). Members of such programmes can use their MyBarCodeCard to more conveniently carry the cards of their favourite stores, airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and others.

Apart from the obvious contents for keen shoppers, other information that consumers have already put on their card include more than just loyalty programmes - for example:

Medical data: ·  Emergency contact names and phone numbers·  Blood type - for the user & family members·  Drug allergies (e.g. Penicillin)·  Medical conditions (e.g. Type 2 diabetes)·  Private health plan number·  Hospital number - for the user & family members·  Doctor's name and phone number·  Chiropractor's name and phone number·  Dentist's name and phone number·  Other medical information of personal importance

Travel information:·  Road side assistance plan number and phone number·  Vehicle identification number (VIN)·  Vehicle insurance company and phone number·  License plate number·  Passport number·  Credit card company phone number·  Telephone calling card number·  Bank phone number·  Out of country emergency medical plan details

Some consumers even carry the card to remind them of important anniversaries, birthdays, and even their speed dial phone number lists.

Safety and security We asked if it is really safe having all of a consumer's membership cards consolidated in a single card. According to Hayward, "It's no different than carrying all those cards in a wallet, and losing that instead."

If a consumer loses their card, a replacement can be issued for a reduced fee. The company is careful to remind users that when such a card is lost they should take all the usual precautions and notify the relevant organisations, just as if their original cards had been lost or stolen. Consumers can also help to protect their privacy by not putting their name anywhere on the card.

Data privacy When asked about data privacy, Hayward explained the company's responsible position: The information entered by consumers is saved on the company's servers (in case replacements or alterations are wanted later on), although consumers do also have the option of having their personal information deleted from the database at any time if they wish.

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