Consumers responding to mobile interactions

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 11, 2011

Consumers responding to mobile interactions

More than half of US consumers who have made at least one purchase using their smartphone have done so based on a marketing message delivered via mobile email, according to a study by email marketing firm ExactTarget.

While making phone calls, text messages, and email still remain the most frequent daily activities for smartphone users, the study found that consumers are increasingly using their smartphones for more than the basics, extending their activities to mobile shopping, mobile social media, and pre-purchase research.

"With more than 89% of US online consumers owning a cell phone, and 40% owning a smartphone, this is a watershed moment for marketers," said Jeff Rohrs, vice president for ExactTarget's Marketing Research and Education Group. "Rapid smartphone adoption is transforming how consumers interact with brands and connect to the world."

Among the main findings of the research:

  • More than two-thirds of people would choose to keep their smartphone over an iPad or similar tablet computer (69%) or a game system such as PlayStation or Wii (72%);  
  • More than a third would give up their laptop computer (40%) or microwave (34%) to stay connected with their smartphone;  
  • 16% of smartphone owners have completed at least one purchase as a direct result of a marketing message they received on their phone;  
  • Of those who had done so, 55% had completed a purchase directly on their smartphone, 43% have completed a purchase on their computer, and 35% reported purchasing in-store;  
  • 35% of smartphone users check Facebook several times a day on their smartphone;  
  • 34% of people have checked a bank account balance on their smartphone;  
  • 28% of smartphone owners have used their phone at least once to check in using location-based services such as Foursquare or Facebook Places;  
  • 24% have scanned a QR code or barcode on their smartphone.

"The majority of smartphone owners are now comfortable making purchases with their smartphones," concluded Tim Kopp, ExactTarget's chief marketing officer. "However, as our 'Mobile Dependence Day' report found, smartphone messaging is driving purchases across all channels, both online and offline. Marketers must, therefore, seek to optimize their messaging in ways that recognise the consumer's mobility and control."

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