Consumers still want newspaper ads, study finds

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 30, 2006

New research from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) reveals that 40% of consumers believe that newspapers provide the most trustworthy and believable advertisements - significantly more than television, radio or the internet.

Newspaper readers are highly engaged when reading the newspaper and rank newspaper media as a top media choice when making purchasing decisions on products and services, according to a Scarborough Research study of more than 4,500 respondents for the Newspaper Association of America. The study is part of the industry's multi-million dollar advertising campaign designed to "surprise advertisers with the truth" about consumer engagement with newspaper advertising and the growing reach of newspaper media.

Devoted readers
According to the study, 62% of newspaper readers say they were solely focused on reading the newspaper and not distracted by any other activity. In addition, eight in ten (78%) said they used newspaper inserts to plan their shopping; and 76% said newspaper inserts helped them save money. Nearly nine in ten newspaper readers (86%) said they saw an item in an insert and then went to the store to buy the product. They also say newspapers provide the most trustworthy and believable advertisements (40%), compared with magazines (30%); television (23%); radio (18%) and the internet (16%).

The study also found that newspapers were present in the lives of even those who considered themselves to be non-readers. According to the study, one third (32%) of those who said they did not read a paper in the past seven days said they actually "used" a newspaper in some manner (mostly to check for sales, to check prices, or to use a coupon).

Other findings
Among the other findings of the study:

  • 55% of newspaper readers pick up the Sunday paper more than one time throughout the day;
  • 48% pick up the weekday paper multiple times;
  • Only 19% characterised newspaper ads as "intrusive", compared to 41% who said internet ads were intrusive, 38% for television, 25% for radio, and 21% for magazine ads;
  • 64% said they would miss reading the newspaper if it was taken away.

The study's full results can be downloaded and viewed at the NAA's web site - click here (very large PDF document: 15Mb).

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