Consumers to earn airline miles for viewing ads online

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 6, 2006

Consumers to earn airline miles for viewing ads online

A new internet-based advertising service called 'e-Miles' has been set up to reward consumers with frequent flyer miles from major airlines, in exchange for simply viewing relevant adverts and engaging with the e-Miles web site.

At no cost, and for only five minutes a day engaging with the site, e-Miles says that the average member can earn enough miles for a US domestic round-trip award flight each year.

e-Miles is effectively an interactive advertising channel that rewards people for the time they spend viewing adverts. Advertisers will benefit by more accurately targeting consumers and only paying when the target audience actually engages with their message.

Earning miles To earn miles, consumers need to spend a few minutes registering themselves with the e-Miles web site, and then they are ready to view relevance-based advertising and marketing messages, and then respond to two or three brief questions.

With a bonus of up to 250 frequent flyer miles for each consumer who joins the service, members can earn miles with Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines or US Airways frequent flyer programmes. The frequent flyer miles earned by each member are deposited quarterly into each member's chosen frequent flyer programme. All miles are subject to the individual airlines' policies for booking reward travel and earning status levels.

Interest-driven marketing Based on the categories of interest selected by each member and the frequency with which members choose to engage with the service, frequent flyer miles can be earned at various rates.

For example, while a seven-hour roundtrip flight from Dallas to New York earns approximately 2,800 miles with the average airline, the same seven hours spent on the e-Miles site (a marathon session, admittedly) could yield some 12,000 airline miles in rewards.

"We live in a time-starved society, and e-Miles is based on the principle that we value consumers' time and believe they should be rewarded for it," said Hal Brierley, chairman and CEO for e-Miles.

Research proved The e-Miles management team developed the model of rewarding consumers for time spent online with its research company, e-Rewards, which now has more than 3 million members. This enabled the team to conduct extensive research into consumers' interest in the concept.

"I think the e-Miles concept is a great idea," commented Randy Petersen, editor of InsideFlyer magazine. "e-Miles has done its research and listened to the consumer. The result is a consumer-friendly, time-conscious product that values frequent flyers' time and gives them an easy way to rapidly earn frequent flyer miles with their preferred carrier."

Consumers will be invited to join e-Miles by their preferred airlines starting in January 2007.

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