CoolSavings launches 'soft offer' sales lead generator

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 9, 2005

CoolSavings launches 'soft offer' sales lead generator

While the online marketing of soft or bill-me-later offerings often proves to be unprofitable, a new offering from Cool Savings and Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions aims to change this.

Since its inception, the internet has provided unprecedented opportunities for marketers to target and interact with their best customers. However, for those companies employing soft or bill-me-later offers, online marketing has just as often proved unprofitable, due to the inability to consistently reach consumers who will pay for their promotions on the backend.

Now, CoolSavings and Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions have developed Soft Offer Scoring which, used in conjunction with CoolSavings Lead Generation service, employs offline modelling methodology to improve pay-up rates for soft offers, providing marketers with a robust way of reaching the highest quality consumers, reducing waste and improving ROI while collecting detailed contact information from interested consumer leads who request to be contacted.

Combined data Soft Offer Scoring employs block group level scores developed from Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions' TransactionBase data. This information is combined with CoolSavings database of behavioural and demographic data to create custom models that target soft offers to consumers who have a high propensity to pay.

"Our solution is really about making the internet safe for bill-me-later promotions. Historically, online lead generation campaigns have not been profitable for soft offer marketers because they have been unable to reliably reach quality consumers," explained Matt Moog, president and CEO for CoolSavings. "We are at last able to overcome this marketing obstacle and consistently connect soft offer marketers to consumers most likely to pay."

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