Copa Airlines Introduces Option for ConnectMiles Members to Multiply Their Miles, Powered by Points International

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Posted on October 28, 2021

ConnectMiles Accelerator enables members to reach their rewards faster

TORONTO, Oct. 25, 2021 -- Good news for Copa Airlines’ ConnectMiles members looking to maximize their miles as demand for travel increases. Just launched by Copa Airlines, one of the foremost airlines in Latin America, ConnectMiles Accelerator provides customers with the option to pay a preferential rate to boost their miles balance and reach their rewards goal sooner.

Enabled by global leader in loyalty commerce, Points (Nasdaq: PCOM) (TSX: PTS), Accelerator will let ConnectMiles members multiply miles earned via flying, credit card spend, online shopping and transactions via third parties such as hotels and car rental providers. Members can choose to multiply their miles by up to three times their value; up to 200,000 miles can be multiplied each year.

“Our ConnectMiles program has always aimed to offer attractive benefits and rewards for our most loyal customers. Together with our partner, Points, we are excited to launch ConnectMiles Accelerator, which gives our members a new alternative to accrue miles faster beyond travel by allowing them to boost their current miles balance. Given the new context of the travel industry, this new product provides our valued members with the opportunity to reach their travel goals sooner,” said Natalie Orillac, Director of ConnectMiles.

As an increasing number of destinations reopen to tourism once more, there is growing pent up demand among many consumers to reinstate deferred travel plans. However, the pandemic impacted loyalty members’ ability to accumulate points/miles. With ConnectMiles Accelerator, consumers can fast-track their earning rate and use their additional miles to reinstate much-anticipated vacations sooner.

Rob Maclean, CEO of Points also welcomed the news, “We are delighted to be working with our longstanding partner, Copa Airlines, to introduce this new member benefit to ConnectMiles members. Providing our partners with new ways for their members to accrue miles outside of travel has been a consistent focus for us in recent years, and one where we have brought several new innovations to market since the start of the pandemic. As travel continues to recover, we anticipate that services like these that enable members to maximize their accrued rewards will only increase in popularity.”

ConnectMiles Accelerator, which leverages Points’ Accelerate Anything product, is the latest in a comprehensive series of loyalty solutions that Points has implemented for Copa Airlines since the beginning of their partnership in 2016. Demand for Points’ Accelerate Anything product has been strong since its launch in August 2020; globally Copa Airlines is the sixth carrier to implement it within the last 12 months.

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