Corner Pantry adopts GraphiCard loyalty programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 8, 2002

Corner Pantry adopts GraphiCard loyalty programme

US-based convenience chain Corner Pantry (a Tucker Oil company) is to roll out a new loyalty programme using the GraphiCard from Visible Results. All 30 units of the chain's network in South Carolina will be running the programme from September.

The new loyalty programme applies to almost all products sold, including petroleum sales. Rewards earned through accumulated points are likely to include, among other things, gift certificates that encourage customers to return to Corner Pantry for additional purchases.

As well as earning points, programme members will be eligible for instant prizes at the time of each transaction. Corner Pantry is currently in discussion with a number of its vendors to secure prizes for the programme.

The programme is expected to use plenty of media space to allow Corner Pantry, its vendors and its partners to communicate with members, make them special offers, and let them know what is happening in the programme and in the stores.

Differentiation Corner Pantry's president, David Tucker, has been investigating the introduction of a loyalty programme for over six months, because the company's main goal is differentiation.

"We will be the first oil marketer in our area to implement a major loyalty initiative that isn't discount-based – something that's difficult for our competition to match. The strength in this type of initiative is that we'll be building a strong, committed customer base, this will also protect us against future competitors entering the market," he explained.

Tucker said he chose Visible Results' GraphiCard platform for a number of reasons, including the unique appeal of the card medium and the flexibility to tailor the programme to individual stores.

With the introduction of a GraphiCard programme, Corner Pantry joins the likes of McDonalds of Hawaii, Tesoro Gas Stations, Haddad Restaurant Group, Hoss's Steak and Sea House, and a number of malls and speciality retail stores throughout the US.

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