Coupon Network rewards Facebook ambassadors

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 16, 2012

Coupon Network rewards Facebook ambassadors

The online coupon provider has launched its 'Like Rewards' programme designed to help brands better understand and optimize the in-store impact of their marketing initiatives through social websites such as Facebook.

The company says that the new programme will help increase the value of coupons found on for consumers who 'Like' their favourite brands and offers on Facebook. After clicking 'Like' on a brand's offer, a higher value offer is instantly made available for printing.

Like Rewards aims to make the accessing and sharing of coupons quicker and more rewarding for social and savings-focused shoppers and, with its integration with Catalina's multi-channel communication platforms, it provides valuable insights into the in-store impact of social marketing initiatives and allows brands to engage their 'fans' on a more personal level than their Facebook Wall.

The ability to understand in-store impact is made possible through Catalina's network of grocery retailers, mass retailers, and drugstores. With Catalina's printers at the point-of-sale, brands can use the platform to thank new fans with additional savings when a Like Reward coupon is redeemed in-store. Delighting consumers with unexpected additional rewards will also encourage more social engagement and loyalty over time.

In December 2011, introduced Video Rewards, which similarly increases the value of a coupon featured on when a consumer views an online video about the featured product. In early 2012, the network also introduced social sign-in features, allowing visitors to sign-in to through their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, MSN or AOL accounts. (Social log-ins allow website visitors to speed through the registration process and avoids the need for separate usernames and passwords).

"Like Rewards was designed to help brands engage today's social consumer with a brand experience that recognises and rewards their advocacy right from the start," added Susan Gear, general manager for

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