Coupon users migrating to internet printing

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 15, 2008

The number of people turning to the web for coupons has soared to 36 million in 2008, representing an increase of 10 million people since 2005, according to a survey by Simmons/Experian Research and Coupons Inc.

Traditionally, consumers have associated coupons with the Sunday papers, but as consumers turn to the web for news they're also looking online for savings.

Specific savings sought
The '2008 Printable Coupon Consumer Pulse' research confirmed that the most popular sources for printable coupons are currently savings-specific sites (such as

According to Steven Boal, CEO for Coupons Inc., "The economic downturn is generating a shift in consumer coupon use, and a long-term change in consumer perception and behaviour."

New consumers adopting coupons
In fact, a whole new generation of shoppers is discovering coupons on the web, and printing coupons is becoming a regular part of many consumers' shopping routine. Almost one-quarter of the 148 million Americans that use coupons now find them online, and nearly half of these consumers are between the ages of 22 and 44.

Other interesting findings from the survey included:

  • Coupons increase a brand's equity and perceived value, with 58% believing that a brand providing coupons online is more likely to provide new products that they will enjoy, and 57% believing that these companies care about keeping them as a customer;
  • More than 70% of online coupon users said they would provide their e-mail address, first and last name, as well as answer survey questions in exchange for a US$2 coupon;
  • Nearly three-quarters (73%) of coupon clickers said they are more likely to open an e-mail if a coupon is offered, while 64% are more likely to click on an advert banner or search listing if they know a coupon is offered;

A report on this coupon survey has been made available for free download from Coupons Inc's web site - click here (PDF document).

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