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Creating Customer Loyalty Solutions for CPGs and Retailers in APAC and MEA

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 23, 2023

Executive Interview with Epsilon’s Patrick Sim, SVP APAC MEA

Patrick Sim is SVP APAC, MEA Epsilon and has extensive knowledge of these markets through years of experience with Experian, Oracle, Cheetah Digital, and now Epsilon. Staying true to the Wise Marketer brand promise as the Global Voice of Customer Loyalty, we relish the opportunity to talk first-hand with seasoned executives who can share the current state of individual geographic markets as well as comment on current trends in consumer behavior and loyalty marketing.

Patrick Sim is one of those people and we spoke with Patrick only days after the conclusion of the first ever Loyalty Academy™ CLMP™ workshop in Singapore. Epsilon is a leading supporter of the professional certification programs offered by the Loyalty Academy, and Patrick took part in an informative and entertaining roundtable discussion during the workshop.

In this interview, you will hear how Patrick transformed an educational background in Electrical Engineering to Loyalty Marketing (5:14) and he shares a delightful story that describes his vision of an ideal loyalty program (14:35). The pace is quick and the knowledge deep. We hope you enjoy listening to this interview and getting to know Patrick Sim better.

For our time-starved listeners, we have provided time stamps to key areas of the conversation below.

Time Stamps with section headers:

1:04 – Patrick Sim – His background and journey in Customer Loyalty

3:46 – Loyalty, Engagement, CDP, and other concepts

5:14 – How an electrical engineer migrated to Customer Loyalty

8:04 – A data solution for CPG Marketers

9:25 – The importance of First Party Data

11:30 – Trends and Statistics in APAC MEA Region

14:35 – Patrick’s description of an ideal Loyalty Program

19:10 – The rest of the story on the ideal Loyalty Program

22:02 What solutions is Epsilon offering to APAC MEA brands?

23:40 - Consumer attitudes in APAC MEA

26:50 – What is your most important message to retailers in your market

29:55 – What are the unique solutions that Epsilon is offering today?

36:55 - Wrap up