CRM & contact centres boost outbound dialling market

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 6, 2005

The outbound dialling market has been impacted largely by recent legislation in regional markets, with mandates such as 'Do-Not-Call' (DNC) legislation in the USA and the 'Telephone Preference Service' in the United Kingdom restricting many outbound marketing communications, according to a market analysis by Frost & Sullivan.

However, the company says that vendors are effectively negating the influence of these directives and even market maturity by creating tactical strategies. Well-documented returns on investment (ROIs) and quantifiable value propositions are driving the market, and are increasingly crucial to the success of new products.

The Frost & Sullivan analysis, entitled 'World Outbound Dialling Markets', found that revenue for the market totalled some US$170.8 million in 2004, and is projected to reach US$204.9 million in 2011.

Growth drivers
One major driver of growth in the sector, the analysis reveals, is the growth of innovative ways of using outbound dialling products to deliver proactive customer care. The use of outbound dialling systems in traditional areas such as telemarketing, credit card collections, and proactive customer care campaigns has been used very effectively to minimise the adverse impact of the anti-contact legislations recently enacted.

"The strategic incorporation of outbound dialling products on a large scale into contact centres and customer service projects has allowed vendors to combat the market downswing and increase their revenues," said Frost & Sullivan industry analyst Seema Lall. "Outbound Dialling products are increasingly used to provide superb customer service as a competitive differentiator in a service-oriented culture."

A greater role
Outbound dialling products are now being used by many companies to enhance customer care services, and have earned a place in business process outsourcing (BPO) in combination with contact centre platforms. The ability of outbound dialling technology to support multiple media such as e-mail and text messaging is further boosting its deployment.

And the blending of inbound and outbound calls within a single customer interaction platform further enhances agent productivity and increases deployments.

CRM adoption
The successful role of outbound dialling systems in gaining and retaining users is promoting its assimilation into customer relationship management (CRM) systems, according to the analysis. For example, the installation of predictive diallers deals with new customers, updates callers on products and services, and can also conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Such outbound systems can efficiently handle situations such as responding to an advertising campaign or dealing with incoming caller's requests.

"CRM systems contain a wealth of data on customer needs and wants, and allows enterprises to customise messages and target the people most likely to buy a particular product," said Lall. "The integration of outbound dialling into a comprehensive CRM strategy is likely to ensure greater cost-effectiveness of marketing investments."

Analysis report
The 'World Outbound Dialling Markets' analysis is a part of the company's F239 subscription, and provides a solid analysis of industry challenges, and market drivers and restraints. The study examines the key trends and analyses the competitive landscape, and features market forecasts as well as competitive analysis and strategic growth recommendations.

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