CRM system monitors public image & market threats

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 11, 2005

CRM system monitors public image & market threats

A platform that collects, organises, analyses, cross examines, shares and translates data from any sources, in real time, can transform reactive decision making into a proactive and even predictive process, and solve mission critical problems.

Nstein Technologies, the company that provides the system powering the Global Public Health Intelligence Network, which is used by organisations such as the World Health Organisation to provide early warning alerts for outbreaks of diseases and viruses, is offering its expertise to businesses who want to monitor their public image, customer satisfaction levels, media attention, customer support issues and threat analysis.

Actionable data The Customer Support and Issues Management application's annotators' structure combines elements such as Suggestions Identifiers, Hot Topics Identifiers and Tone Detector to provide companies and organisations with a solid text mining solution to extract actionable data from incoming e-mails, websites or surveys. Companies in industries such as hospitality (for example, hotel chains), car rental, airlines, insurance, retail or electronic manufacturing obtain real-time information from multilingual sources with this application, including customer suggestions and hot topics.

The Public Image Monitoring application is a cross industry application for any company or organisation interested in real-time monitoring and management of its image and reputation in the media, in multiple languages. Annotators such as Concept Extractor, Organisations Names and Hot Topics Identifiers are combined to provide a real-time tracking of information published about a company or its competitors in various media.

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