CRM system to train staff by watching live feedback

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Posted on August 18, 2005

CRM system to train staff by watching live feedback

To help drive customer experience improvement and brand loyalty, the on-demand CRM provider eTouchPoint has added a customer feedback and survey mechanism that filters, analyses and feeds results back to management teams in real time, providing instant scorecard analysis and staff coaching tips.

According to eTouchPoint, the most critical CRM (customer relationship management) process for any business - whether retail or service oriented - is that of managing the quality and continuity of interactions (or "touch-points") with end-users or customers. Every direct contact, whether through sales, marketing, customer services, or field service operations, presents an opportunity to differentiate through excellent service.

Global feedback eTouchPoint introduced its new Survey module to provide managers with the necessary feedback data to make on-the-spot decisions about what's going wrong and how to fix it most quickly and effectively. It does this by collecting feedback at every possible touch-point throughout the company, and compiling and analysing the results. The system can collect and process unfiltered feedback from individual employees, in-house departments and even outsourced service value chains.

Survey results are fed automatically into the eTouchPoint hosted CRM engine, which benchmarks the results against predefined metrics for employees, organisations and geographic regions. Employee scorecards and custom reports are then generated and based on individual ranking, and the eTouchPoint coaching tool generates alerts, coaching tips, and training recommendations for managers. The aim is for companies to improve employee performance and therefore the quality of the customer experience at each touch-point - a key factor for both customer retention and profitability.

Guided improvements Access to real-time, actionable business intelligence on individual employees, supported by coaching and custom reporting tools, empowers service operations and human resources to implement targeted training initiatives and build brand loyalty at every level of the global service value chain. According to eTouchPoint, the "guided staff training" tips produced are likely to see SLA (service level agreement) violations lessen, while employee skill sets, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction tend to improve.

According to eTouchPoint's CEO, John Potenza, "Highly competitive enterprises spend millions of dollars on CRM applications yet are unable to drive quantifiable improvements because they cannot effectively monitor individual customer/employee interaction. We believe the focus must turn to mapping the right skills in the service value chain to customer needs. Developing a culture where employees build brand value in each interaction with the customer is a powerful competitive advantage."

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