CRM systems with a money back guarantee?

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 4, 2003

CRM systems with a money back guarantee?

Middle market business solutions provider, ePartners, has launched a ground-breaking money-back guarantee on its Microsoft CRM (customer relationship management) systems, covering implementations for sales, customer service and marketing.

With a number of CRM applications having either failed or not met their expected return on investment (ROI), the guarantee appears to be a lot more than just a sales gimmick.

"A money back guarantee is unheard of in the CRM software industry, which has historically been plagued with unsatisfied customers," noted ePartners' president, Dan Duffy.

The terms The terms of the firm's guarantee are quite straight-forward: A new implementation of Microsoft CRM will be up and running to the client's satisfaction within sixty days, with all the end-users trained accordingly. If not, the system is taken out again and the client is refunded.

Software, services, training, support and technology infrastructure are all included as part of the full solution. The business operations that can be managed and maintained by the software include: customer management, sales lead and opportunities management, communication logging and contact management, analytics and reporting, and system configuration and training.

The firm is also offering its clients a Premium CRM package that includes additional software licenses, customised reporting, Microsoft SharePoint for the controlled distribution of information, extended training programmes, and faster remote technical support.

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