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CRMC #TBT Interview Series: Veronica Moturi, Brinks Home & George Khachatyran, Offerfit

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 9, 2023

Why Do in a Decade What You Can Now Do in Months with Automated Experimentation Shares Offerfit's George Khachatryan

This week's CRMC #TBT Interview Series feature comes from a large interview with the CEO of Offerfit, George Khachatryan and Brinks Home's VP of Retention, Veronica Moturi. George offers a progressive point of view on the shift beyond A/B Testing to Automated Experimentation to provide the best relevancy to customers - the right offer, messaging and creative, channel of choice, and timing. Has the well proven method of A/B testing just been upgraded?

Thank you to everyone who's followed along with this series since we launched it last Fall. But if this is your first time ("welcome"), or if you missed a week, then go to our Listen & Watch drop down or search #TBT at thewisemarketer.com. You can also find this series from the Insights drop down at thecrmc.com.