Cross-media campaigns work better, analysis reveals

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 19, 2007

Multiple media, including television, magazines, and online, produce the best marketing results when used in harmony, according to an analysis of 32 cross-media campaigns by marketing research firm Dynamic Logic.

The firm's study found that these three platforms all contribute incrementally to brand metrics but at different levels, and all three have different strengths at different points along the "purchase funnel".

Combining media strengths
For example, television and online contributions were more apparent during the initial consumer awareness stages, while magazines were stronger at building brand favour and purchase intent. The company's findings remained consistent with the results of an earlier study conducted in 2006.

For this analysis, Dynamic Logic isolated the impact of television advertising, and then assessed the online contribution in addition to television, and then finally added magazines to the combined online and television results.

Channel performance
The study compared results from consumers who had the opportunity to see only television advertising with those who had the opportunity to see television in combination with other media. For example, online advertising represented the increased impact of online display advertising combined with television (+3.7 percentage points for aided brand awareness). And the magazine values represent the positive change in each metric produced by adding magazine advertising to television and online, using the same approach.

The incremental values from the addition of magazines were very strong, adding the most impact further down the purchase funnel, making significant contributions to both brand favourability perceptions and product purchase intent.

Key findings summarised
Among the study's main findings:

  • Television advertising performed best for generating brand awareness. When used in combination with television, magazine and online both build on the initial awareness impact created by television. Over the 32 multimedia campaigns analysed, magazines' incremental awareness added nearly as much to the total as did television.
  • Both magazine and online advertising generate significant lifts when used in conjunction with television. Television and magazine advertising produced greater incremental brand and advert awareness gains than did online advertising.
  • Incremental contributions from magazine advertising approximately doubled the average persuasion contribution of television and online media combined.
  • The online channel is a "booster" for all key awareness and persuasion metrics.

According to Suzanne Moorey-Denham, managing director for Dynamic Logic, "Our initial research suggests we may now be able to quantify the synergy of cross-media campaigns. We can now examine the question of whether there are cost efficiencies within certain media combinations that could significantly increase an advertiser's impact without increasing costs."

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